Choices and Changes

Health isn’t about choosing which diet to be on. Health is about choosing a healthy lifestyle that works for you where you are in the driver’s seat. Health is about you being in control of your weight and health rather than it controlling you.

Everyone is unique, having their own “bio-individuality.” That means there is no such thing as a program that works for everyone. I will work with you to design a plan that works for you, that you’ll enjoy and  helps you meet your goals. Studies show, the more support you have in a variety of forms, the more likely you are to be successful. When we work together, you will get focused, one-on-one attention, email support, access to online groups, access to group workshops at reduced cost. The deck will be stacked in your favor for success!

My clients and I have fun too! You get access to an online tool that enables you to record your activity, food, how you’re feeling, participate in group meetings and workshops which all work together to help you build a support system and lasting change.

Being the best you isn’t only about food. I coach the entire person, mind, body, spirit, which is just as important as improving nutrition. It is impossible to talk about the food you eat without talking about the food that feeds the rest of you.

What feeds your soul?

“Life is a balance between holding on and letting go.”