Healthy Ice cream?

I avoid sugary things. Usually, it isn’t so difficult to do so because I usually crave salty foods more. But every so often, I really want some yummy non-dairy ice cream. So Good makes a coconut ice cream with only 1g of sugar. The dark chocolate is wonderful.

Then, I discovered my favorite herb supplier posted amazing, healthy, homemade recipes for non-dairy icecream to make without a machine! What????

I can’t wait to try the Golden Milk flavor!

You are welcome 🙂
Go read Mountain Rose Herb Farm’s blog

Skin Microbiome

UW Researchers Testing Practice to Apply Microbiome

The research that cataloged human bacteria concluded in 1999. It was inspired by the human genome project. The participants spanned worlds best and brightest Universities, hospitals, and research groups who formed a collaborative working group and stored their data in a common database. It was the first of it’s kind. Out of that research an entirely new approach to treating disease has sprung. The practice of functional medicine which focuses on finding the root cause and addressing health issues by supporting the body to return to balance. Main stream medicine is always slow to adopt new ideas and once adopted it can take decades to make its way into everyday protocols. That said, it is extremely interesting to me that UW Medicine is doing testing to add skin microbiome to treat common ailments like acne.

Read more about the testing…





Get Your Perfectly Imperfect Produce

Hi all!

As you know, I’ve started getting a weekly Imperfect Produce box. As I’ve mentioned in previous posts, I love my produce and I love the business model of Imperfect. Read about it and the types of box delivery they offer on their website.

To thank you for spreading the news, Imperfect is offering to me and my readers a discount to try our delivery service. The promotion code is for 50% off your first box, which you can receive by using the code LILY50.

I’ve been using my delivery to try to things, eat a wider variety, save some money and eat more seasonal fruits and veggies. I really have been enjoying it! One of the delights of opening the box each week is definitely looking at the weirdly shaped veggies and fruit. Some are only imperfectly colored. Some have a few scars, others are simply surplus. Regardless, the food is great-tasting.

Look for recipes and food preservation ideas in upcoming blog posts.