I like the name.  I love the business model.  Their website is easy-to-use. They have an organic option. So I ordered. I’ve never tried a veggie co-op or any kind of food delivery before.  I could think of lots of reasons not to:

  • what if I want something different?
  • what  if I don’t like what’s in the box?
  • what if I don’t know how to use what’s in the box?
  • what if I go on vacation? 
  • how can I plan menus with a box of unknown items?
  • is it more expensive than the store? 

I decided to try it because I can be an impulse buyer at the store. I want to save money. It’s just me; I don’t want to waste food. I’ll still have to go to the store for staples and occasional meat but hopefully I can keep that to once a month.

I plan to write about my weekly experience, post recipes I use or create, and post photos of what’s in the box. If you want to explore, there’s a link below that will get us both a discount. 

Imperfect Referral Link

Soon, I’ll put this link on the affiliates page I’m working on. But I wanted to get this out without delay.