Unboxing Imperfect Produce Week 1

I’m on a mission. 

I want to save money, buy organic, support businesses with sustainable business models.

Also, I dislike shopping. I’m going to try Imperfect organic small box delivered weekly and see if I actually am going to save money. There are some downsides. I have some, but not a lot of control of the contents. This time of year it doesn’t look like there are a lot of leafy greens.  So, I’ll still have to venture into the store to buy those. 

I’m using a motivation and accountability technique by posting my goals to all of you. It’s been proven that writing down your goals, telling others, and asking for support increase the odds of attaining your goals. It’s forcing me to gather data about how much I spend, stay connected to my business model, stick to a plan, make use of the veggies by developing recipes and preparing the food. Look for recipes that will use the produce in the box.

I’d love your feedback as we go through this process together!